mouse over event

In a canvas window, where a data file has been plotted to the canvas from myArray(i),

how do I set a loop so when I move the mouse over the circle or loop, I can get the name of that value?

I know how to get the mouse coordinates and how to display the mouse x y value, but I need to have a loop where I am calling the datafile array, so I can display the value id when I move the mouse over the item.


if str(x)= str(myArray(i).x) then label1.text = myArray(i).name end if

I thought I could set a mouse event in the canvas and have a do loop or something, so myArray(i).x,myArray(i).y is always being scanned as I move the mouse over the plot field, but I’m lost as to the program code for this event.

Any help would be appreciated,

asking the same question multiple times does not invalidate previous answers… but it does make some of the more helpful people on this forum less likely to be overly responsive in the future.