Mouse Down on Listbox crash

MacOS Mountain Lion or El Capitan
Xojo: 2015 R 3.1 or 2015 R 1

Listbox - MouseDown Event

#Pragma unused x #Pragma unused y self.close return true
Got a ‘App quit unexpectedly’

Window - MouseDown Event

#Pragma unused x #Pragma unused y self.close return true
Works as expected. The window is closed.

What is wrong with my code?

Why Return True in MouseDown ?

This - in the MouseDown Event - means: active all MouseXxxx events (like MouseDown).

That said, I do not know why a crash.

Did you try to save, close, quit, shutdown, wait 30 s or 1m and reboot, retry (without loading any other application)… ?


Language Reference said: Return True if you are going to handle the mouseDown
I must say that I have never understood so well.

But anyway. That is not the point I guess.

Yes. But unfortunately no change. And I try it on different machines.

Thank you.

you may not be able to close a window while in an event.
Maybe start a timer which closes it a millisecond later.

Hey Christian,

The Timer is working perfectly. Problem solved.



you could still report it via Feedback, so it may be fixed in a future release.