Mouse cursor not returning to nil

After setting a different mouse cursor for a control (like a double arrow for resizing) once the mouse exits this control the cursor remains as set and doesn’t returns to pointer, even after setting other controls cursor to nil.

It doesn’t happens always, but it is more evident after some time with application active and if I move faster the mouse over the mentioned control.

I have been able to notice this behaviour also with Xojo IDE (panel resizers) but more with my own applications. Only in Mac OS X. I’m using last Xojo and don’t remember if it happened in previous versions.

Have you tried the following in the mouseexit event for the control?

Me.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.StandardPointer

Yes, I’m trying different work around, by adding the mouseexit code I need to add also a mouseenter event to return the cursor to the needed one. I’m trying this now in a longer run to check.

It seems the simple Me.MouseCursor setting in open event is not working as expected.