Mount many server on desktop

Does Xojo can force to mount server volume on desktop ( like command-k )
some with smb: and other with a afp:
On yosemite 10.10.4
I need to mount at least 4 server with the same user name ans password
I have no idea how mount volume… neither input the user and password silently
thanks to guide me to right direction

Might be easier to do something like that then to write a program to do it…

I want to use Xojo so much
Then i forget the basic tool supply with osx
Thanks shao

Sometimes you need the whole tool box, other times, just a hammer :wink:

I"m new to XOJO and use Applescript a lot to make things work. Here is a script to open a server.

– script name is “mount my server”
tell application “Finder”
mount volume “smb://name:password@”
end tell

here is how to call the script in XOJO:
mshell.Execute mountmyserver

you can also drag your applescript in xojo ide, then call it easy from xojo language
details here :

even easier…:


HOLY COW. Jean-Yves…I’ve been waiting all my life for that line of code that mounts a server. It works. But…

  1. it brings up a dialog box showing its copying the server to my computer
  2. you get the clunk sound when it is mounted
  3. it opens the server

I don’t want any of those things to happen and Applescript just mounts the server without the copy dialog box, the sound or the folder opened for you.