More VATs


As the new year starts, you should all know that some more countries require tax collection if you make sales there.
Share-It, Paddle, FastSpring and the other services will do it for you automatically, so please use those services:

[quote]Digital River Tax Calculation Information
As your e-commerce partner, Digital River handles the global complexity of complying with VAT and other tax requirements, allowing you to focus on your business, rather than time-consuming back-end administrative activities. As the world marketplace continues to evolve and tax collection will become mandatory in more countries, you can count on us to manage the complexities of global commerce on your behalf.
Here is a list of countries where tax payment is currently or will be applicable starting January 1, 2018 for sales of electronic services or digitally downloadable products/services:

Country Tax Form Tax Rate
South Korea VAT 10%
Japan Consumption Tax 8%
New Zealand GST 15%
Russia VAT 18%
Taiwan Sales Tax 5%
India GST 18%
Australia GST 10%
Norway VAT 25%
US States (where applicable) Sales Tax depending on customer location

And that is in addition to 28 EU countries with different VAT rates.

That’s not new (MOSS). It was introduced from 1 January 2015 - one of the reasons why I switched to Paddle.

EDIT: sorry, misinterpreted your comment. Yes, there are now additional new EU members with VAT to deal with.

BTW: I can highly recommend Paddle. They are the only that enables you to set fixed prices in EUR.

Share-It and Fastspring can also use Euro prices.

No they cannot. The payout is still in USD (with bad EUR <> USD rating this is to be avoided).

Unless this changed from November (when I asked Fastspring about this). I was told they have no plans to change this any time.

European Union have different VAT rates…
A real shame: Union (like in European Union) does not imply something ?

Even Euros is not used by the whole European Union !

Electricity cables are also different !

It is time to go ahead whith more similar rules…

In 2018, we are able to call someone by phone, send a snail (paper) letter all around the world … what our politics are waiting to add more day to day services all around the continent !
Germany (for me, in France’s border) is as near as 3 KMs ! And I have to check before buying something if that something is compatible with my home ! A real shame…

It took around 100 years for the US to adopt the unified dollar in all states.

If find the adoption rate of the Euro to have been pretty fast. Sixteen years is not a lot.