More questions on modal screens (iPad)

I use this code to show a screen modally on iPad:

var ms as new Screen1
ms.ShowModal(self, MobileScreen.ModalPresentationStyles.Popover, true)
  1. How can I set height & width of Screen1? It’s very small.
  2. How can I make sure Screen1 is only closed by tapping a button inside the screen? Right now, if I tap somewhere outside of Screen1, the screen is closed. I know there are apps where you can tap outside and the screen doesn’t close.

Thank you!

  1. Using the latest update of iOSDesignExtensions:
mobileScreen.SetPreferredContentSizeXC(New Size(540, 750))
  1. Using iOSDesignExtensions

You’re truly a magician, @Jeremie_L ! :mage: