More 2020 Ios inconsistencies

Add a few lines, call g.Fillpath(mypath, true)

But in an iOS project in 2020R2, the second parameter doesnt exist.

I look up and find iOSPath, but Im told it is deprecated and I should use GraphicsPath instead

So: why is the autofill parameter missing?

Graphics.FillPath(path As GraphicsPath, autoClose As Boolean = False)

New in 2019r2

Supported for all project types and targets.

Draws a bezier line along the path designated and fills the region with the current DrawingColor value.


When autoClose is True, the path will be automatically closed so that there are no gaps in it.

Apologies. I’ve updated the Graphics.FillPath and DrawPath pages to indicate that the autoclose parameter is not available on iOS.

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Doesn’t iOS use the same declares as macOS? It should be possible to use the parameter in the upcoming version. @Paul_Lefebvre

It can vary. Be sure to create a Feedback case if you would like the additional parameter on iOS.

Or for consistency you can get the additional parameter and ignore it internally

In this way the developer can avoid #if targetIOS and you don’t break current iOS code, then a simple note in the reference is enough to let the developer know that the additional parameter is ignored on iOS

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