Monterey: Web 1.0 app does not show pngs anymore

I have a Desktop app that contains a Web API 1.0 app which is started by the main app. The customer just informed me a dialogue has lost its icons: Two WebImageViewers with assigned transparent png imagesets in 3 resolutions. This works flawlessly in Big Sur and on Windows.
I tried to convert to a WebPicture or assign the pictures to a custom image viewer based on WebCanvas, but the result is an NOE when I try so.

There are other instances of these custom Image Viewers in the app that take their images from a database, and that works perfectly.

Has something changed in macOS that could cause pictures dragged into the IDE to become nil?

What happens if you read a PNG file, encode its content to base64, and present it selfcontained as

<img src="" alt="My Image" />
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I’ll try next. Thanks for the hint!
I tried to load the png from the resources folder via WebPicture constructor, but neither loading them as PictureSet nor as a normal picture works. NOE all the time.

The AHugeBase64String must start immediately after the comma.

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Apple is escalating its security measures to a point that soon we wont be able to write to databases, only read from them. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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No need to show it self contained. The WebPicture string constructor is working.
Thanks a lot!

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Na, reading is insecure, too. See the thread about SSBs.