Monterey 12.6: LiveText loes not works

LiveText (OCR feature included in Monterey 12.x to 12.6) does works with QuickLook, Preview (I do not tested elsewhere).

Now that I want to automatize text changes using a Xojo Project (a feature added to a far larger project), I add a window, set a Canvas, code to load and display an image (read Xojo is not wysiwyg), I wanted to use LiveText to continue using that project, but…

LiveText does not works on my loaded image / window.

LBN: I’ve made a screen shot of the image as displayed by Xojo, pasted it in Preview and LiveText works fine.

I’m on 12.6.1 and it seems to work here. This is the image I used:

(as Ian is my name!)

I’m not sure 12.6.1 is generally available because I can’t find it on my Intel machine.

A canvas is certainly not enabled for OCR all the time.

An image view can be enabled to do live text.

This feature is only with Apple Silicon.

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I think that he is doing QuickLook preview in Finder (highlight a file and press space bar) and copying live text from there.

I do not know from where your 12.6.1 comes (m2 machine ?) too.

But your image is disabled (LiveText do not works with it on Xojo) too.

But, QuickView enable LiveText with your image (taller than my own image, but I already use that image with QuickView).

Votre Mac est à jour:
Your Mac us up to date (have the last version)…

MBP M1 Max. It showed up in Software Updates about 2 days ago.

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 13.49.03

Actually the machine is signed up for Beta updates, but I don’t generally do them. Perhaps that is were I got it. I think it talked about LiveText fixes) is unaware of that.

“12.6.1” is news to me, too. As far as MacRumors goes, I don’t think they give as much fanfare to double-dot betas like this. My own secondary Mac, which is on the beta channel (an M1), is getting Ventura anyway. Still, I don’t see a 12.6.1 on the Apple developer site either.

if you like to use LiveText in your own applications, you can check VNRecognizedTextMBS and VNRecognizedTextObservationMBS classes in MBS Xojo Plugins.

It’s likely a beta. My machine is signed up so I can report bugs on the tvOS betas. However, I didn’t notice that 12.6.1 was also beta and installed it. It showed on Other updates when I was offered Ventura but didn’t install it.

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