Monitor as a TV?

I have (or I guess now had) a 7 year old 32" LED TV that just died.

I did use it mostly as a TV but it is next to my desk (and 27" iMac) in the “spare” bedroom and I also used it as 3rd monitor.

But it occurred to since The TV is connected to a cable box (and my Mac) via HDMI and I never use the built in tuner, and I can’t go bigger than 32" because of space considerations, maybe I should buy a monitor instead. One can get a 32" 4K Monitor for a similar price to to a good 720P 0r 1080P TV… And I suspect 1080 monitors might be cheaper.

As the primary use would be as a TV, the TV picture (and sound!) is important… would buying a monitor for use with the cable box (and my Mac!) be a good idea? If so, what models or specs might be best to get?


I would guess so.

The only thing I can see that might be a problem is how a 4K monitor scales 1080 content.

Otherwise in theory, it should just work, check to see if the monitor has speakers built-in, otherwise you might need some external ones.

Beware of the Exteral Loudspeakers connectors… I saw many with USB ports (no 3.5, only USB).
I have only 2 USB and hard time to connect what I have to with so few ports… (I have a DVT connected on a very old USB Hub with the Mouse stick on one and I am juggling with external hard drives / scanners / printers, etc. with the second USB port).

DVT is an USB Stick to watch TV with an external set of antenas…

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I’ve done this before with a HD monitor connected to an external tuner (SkyTV box) and a Mac mini. The biggest pain was turning the volume up and down with the buttons on the monitor rather than using a remote.

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You could use a Mac remote for volume adjustment …

Thanks all. I decided to get a high end 32" TV… It’s a 4K Quantum dot Set… its new but a 2019 model on sale for $378 today

Samsung Q50R 32" Class HDR 4K UHD Smart QLED TV


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