MongoDB Driver v0.1.2

MongoDB Driver v0.1.2 is now available.

Thank you to Patrick Perroud for writing a test harness application for the driver. His tool helped us discover a few bugs that is fixed in this release. The source code of the test harness (written in Xojo) is part of the repository on GitHub.

MongoDB Driver v0.1.2 Release Notes:

[Fix] Single quotes in queries now handled correctly.
[Fix] Added timeout to connections.
[Fix] JSON results now properly escape coded.
[Enhancement] Databases and collections now created implicitly.
[Enhancement] Improved example code.
[Enhancement] Optimized use of strings and MemoryBlocks.
[New] Client.KillCursors method.
[New] Driver test harness (Curtousy of Patrick Perroud).

Please don’t hesitate to log any feature requests (or issues) you have for the MongoDriver on GitHub.