Money Class (Currency alternative)

Money Class 2.3 is Out

How this started:

Money Class 2.4 is Out

More methods, more tests, more curiosities.

Same link.

Money Class 2.5 is Available.

It’s kind of “Currency” type on steroids, and doing proper math even in 64bit.

Hi @Rick Araujo

Is there any reason to use methods instead of Operator overloading for the operations?

The usual easy one-liner sequences of operations, self contained in the class, as done in other languages was MY preference. And there are specific operators like .MultA() (for multiplication with arithmetic rounding) and .Mult() (bankers rounding). The code is open, you can try your way.

Money Class 2.7 is Available.

One bug found, eventualy causing a math error 0f 0.0001 in some rare cases when loading a string value in arithmetic mode.

More helper functions.