Monday Xojo Hangout (2020-09-28)

Monday Xojo Hangout
Topic: 2020r1.1 is out
Time: 2020-09-28T18:00:00Z (local time, 40 minutes)

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Meeting ID: 896 9700 4213

This starts in 5 minutes!

That was a great hangout. Thanks for the openness and the outlook for 2020r2.


Hi, can you please sum up what has been announced for r2 ? it wasn’t possible for me to assist to this hangout! thanks !

same here … curious to find out what is coming in 2020r2 and hopefully this year tooo

I still can’t believe that these hangouts aren’t recorded for those that can’t make it and put up unlisted on youtube with a link from here. Seems like a missed opportunity for the sake of a few moments cutting the start and end off the recording and uploading it.

The Hangouts are mostly casual and social - we talk about all kinds of things including Xojo, general technology, what we did at the weekend, AI, keyboards, binge-worthy Netflix shows, and food, to name a few recent topics. These are not webinars and not usually a Q&A either. Any official announcements will still be shared to the usual channels for everyone, such as when we have posted our video demos on YouTube. Having said that, if people have Xojo questions we are certainly happy to answer. It has been a lot of fun getting to know the group of “regulars” better and also meeting a lot of the new people who stop by time to time. :slight_smile: