Monday Xojo Hangout (2020-08-31)

For today’s hangout, I’m trying Microsoft Teams. I have no idea how well it will work.

Title: Monday Xojo Hangout (Microsoft Teams)
Topic: Open chat
Time: 2020-08-31T18:00:00Z (local time, 40 minutes)

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That’s too bad. We have so many meeting apps these days, it’d be nice to stick to the same one :confused:


i prefer something that run in browser without install as example zoom page can do.

Already have 6

I agree. And since we use Teams, this allows me to only use one. :slight_smile:

But consider this a test. I have my doubts that Teams will work well for this.

Please share link to participate via browser. Thanks

The link is in the first post. You follow the link and opt to use your browser.

As you see the web link and me not, would you mind to post it for everyone?

This is the link: link

According to Google you have to use a Chrome-based browser to do so. I don’t see the option here on Firefox, but have you tried Chrome or Edge?

you should download the teams mac app. then the browser opens the app directly

Some of us don’t want to install MS AutoUpdater tool and then spend 20 minutes untangling the system to remove it. Same reason I won’t install Google Chrome.

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That one won’t work.

I use a couple of apps with browser. Even zoom works there.

Sorry, I’m using Chrome, after I click that link I get this:

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Thanks. Chrome works!

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And some people won’t install or use Zoom for their own reasons. There’s no one tool that will work for everyone.

Jumped on in the last few mins. Prefer Teams® over Zoom™. I’ll jump on sooner next time :slight_smile: Thanks Paul

Zoom, Microsoft Teams and the Google software all work in browsers, but see only in Google Chrome.

Teams worked OK, but seemed worse than Zoom in most respects, at least for the 8-10 people we had today.

I think I’ll be going back to Zoom on Wednesday.