Mojave 10.14 Upgrade?

I’m still using 10.12.6 as my main development machine, but thinking about jumping to 10.14.2 over the holiday. I have a few old pieces of software I need to run - curious if anyone has relevant experience with these under 10.14:

  • RealStudio 2011R3 - I did a quick “hello world” test and it seemed to work.
  • FileMaker Pro 14.0.6 - I belive this is “not officially supported” under Mojave, but that’s not the same as “doesn’t work”.
  • Cornerstone 3 - I will upgrade to version 4, but was delaying as I didn’t like their new subscription model.
  • Arduino 1.0.3 - I have some hobby projects. Will probably migragte these to Rasperry Pi / Xojo at some point

I haven’t used FileMaker 14 in a while, but I found which sounds like it will not work in Mojave. Looks like you’ll need to update to FileMaker 17 which just added Mojave support a week or so ago, but it seemed to work just fine for me before the update.

good source for compatibility curiosities…

(but filemaker 14 is listed as “?” …)

There was a thread from Thomas Tempelman about RealStudio 2012 on Mojave. A problem with plugin loading?

Intetresting - sounds like FM14 definitely crashes, but there’s an MBS plugin which might help fix some of the crashes as a stopgap measure.

I need FM14 for one client who I am pushing to upgrade but is slow.

Maybe I’ll run a macOS 12 VM and run FM14 in that…

The subscription model in Cornerstone 4 has been the reason for us to switch to Xversion (which works just fine on macOS 10.14).

In doing FileMaker development over the years, I’ve been pretty paranoid about always using the same version of client & server. It sound like FM Pro 15 is Mojave capabale - I wonder how risky that would be to use a 15 client against the FM Server 14? That might be a reasonable compromise to get me through until my customer can upgrade their workstations?