XOJO 2019r3.1 / Windows 10

If a Module is selected in the IDE navigator and I do a Insert -> Module a sub item Modules will be created in the first selected module.
But that is not the place that I would like to have that module.
So I tried to delete the new created Modules, but that is not possible .
Is that normal ?


First part yes,

Second part:
Drag that Module one step higher (move it outside of the Module contents), then delete it ?

Click and highlight where you want the module(like in a Folder) or drag the Module where you want it.

Not sure about the problem about deleting, I can delete Modules (Just tested)

The item called, ‘Modules’ is just a group header. Like, ‘Classes’ if you create a class.
Delete all the modules within ‘Modules’ and the group header will disappear.

Note: I have found an interface glitch in that the group header will not disappear unless you close/collapse the Module and then re-open it. It’s just a display glitch. But then, the header is just a header and doesn’t affect your code. It doesn’t even change the namespace of the items within it.

OK. Thanks for the replies.