I created a module to perorm angle conversions so that I can reuse it in different works. How come that, when I import it into a project, I find the module and an App1 in the side bar?
Is it normal or how can I prevent it?
Thank you

Sounds like you’re importing the whole project and not just the module. Save the module as “External” and import just that.

You can also drag the module from one project to another. Or copy and paste.

Thank you. Do you mean: write whatever code, save it as “external” then use it "import to get it into some project?

But the key point is saving it as “external”, right?

Correct. That separates the module out into it’s own file. It also means that the 2 projects can share the code, in that when you change it in one, that will propagate to the other. Provided you import it as an external module, that is. The module can be imported as internal or external.

Thank you guys. Always extremely helpful

Hold down the Command and Option keys when dragging the external module into your new project and it will keep it as an ‘alias’ to the file. Alternatively, Copy and Paste it from your original file. Either way, the module name should show in italics to show it is an External module.

Many items can be external, even windows, WebStyles, classes, etc.