Module properties 'stuck' on Integer

I am converting a Visual Basic program to XoJo. The Visual Studio code has type ‘single’ global variable declarations in a global module.
When I try to add them to a XoJo module, the only variable type available is Integer. Any other type is ignored, and returned to type Integer.

What am I missing here?

Not reproducing that.
HOW are you trying to add them?

I right clicked the module name in the contents section, selected ‘add to global module’, selected ‘property’. It comes up with ‘name’, ‘type’, ‘default’ and ‘global’. The only type listed is 'integer. If I change the type to ‘single’ and click the module name, or anything else, and look again in the module, the type is still Integer.

Oh, I needed to click on either the module name or the property itself to make the name stick. It worked that way.

Try pressing enter/return after changing the Type as well, that will often make the change stick.

Ok, Tim. Just clicking the property the property in the contents section didn’t ‘stick’. Anyway, Thanks for the ‘return’ tip. I will try that also. Problem ‘fixed’.