Modular Variables

Hi, I’m in the process of migrating a sizeable VB.Net web application into Xojo and am writing to ask if in addition to using Session Variables can I use Modular Ones which I would store in the Modules folder of the app. Specifically, would these modular variables be applicable to all Users as in the VB.Net “Application Variables” or would modular variables be allocated individually to different concurrent users?

Can’t seem to find anything in the documentation to assist, so comments would be much appreciated.

Properties added to Modules are global to the application. This means they would be accessible for any and all users of a web app.

Paul, thanks for your reply.

May I just confirm one point. In my system, as each of several users logs in to the system and begins to use it, the modular variables are set to zero or blanks. Does this mean that users who have previously logged in will keep the values of their modular variables in tact or will they be set to zero or blank when the new User logs in? i.e. are Modular variables to be considered as “Application” variables as in VB.Net which means that previously set variables are then re-set to zero or blank on a new log in?

Many thanks again.

Properties of modules are global, so their values are set when the applications starts and are accessible to all users. They are not changed as users log in. If you change a global property, the change is visible to all users. If you need properties that are visible only for a specific user, then create properties on the Session object.