Modifying bundle target app

I am quite out of my depth here, and I am not even sure the title is correct.

Background. I am trying to write a frontend for the emulator Sheepshaver. The existing frontend creates so-called “virtual machines”. These are like ( or are ) bundle folders in which individual machine configurations are stored. On creation, there exist the “bundle” folder which has at its simplest - on clicking “Show Package Contents” - a single file named “prefs”. So far so good, and no problem.

The issue is this. If I “Get Info” on the bundle/package I am shown the default program which will launch this. I don’t know if this is still a Mac Creator/Type thing or what. What I need to do is to vary this executable. In other words, I might have several versions of the SheepShaver app, and I might want to, by a folderitem launch, shell script, or however, start my bundle with a different version of the app or have more than one version of the app running simultaneously.

The app itself does not seem to have a command line option to set which bundle to execute, or I could do it that way.

Sorry if this sounds confused - I certainly am. :wink:

How do you build your app? Do you have experience with build scripts? How automated do you want to do this?

You can use copy scripts to copy your Sheepshaver app. Then you can vary the bundle id, either manually or with an IDE script.

Thanks for the reply. The Sheepshaver app is NOT my app, written in C of some sort, precompiled by others. I am just trying to write a frontend to execute it in a more convenient way.

I think I am getting somewhere via Applescript. I will have to tell a specific application, via its path, to open a specific bundle. 15 years since last using Applescript. :frowning:

Since I’m into fractals I know that Sheepshaver is. I was talking about YOUR app and not Sheepshaver.

Apologies, and thanks for replying.

I am making good progress with Applescript, and think I have it working in principle. Now I must get home later to my setup and try to remember how to run Applescript from Real Studio ( I’m sure it will come back to me. :wink: )

Problem solved! Got it running. :slight_smile:

The other way is to use NSWorkspace declares to launch specific files with a specific apps.