Modifying an existing MenuBar

I had a File menu that was “bad to my eyes” since… ages.

Yesterday, I went with an idea (not so good, but the hand made drawing reveal to be nice):

put some (6) MenuItems into three pairs of Sub-Menus…

Unfortunately, the Menu Editor:

a. is unable to select more than one MenuItem (to move them)

b. is unable to let me place one MenuItem in a Sub-Menu.

Fortunately, sometimes I am less stubborn than others, and I made the repetitive task (a computer is here to do for me) and the result is a bit surprising (for me), but the organization seems good (far better than before).

What is your feeling on the subject ?
a. Some change(s) have to be done
b. Since this happens once in a life time, stop whining and code !

I’m not sure what you real issue here is.

Are you saying that once you enter a menu item via the IDE your stuck?
Thats not true, you can drag them around to rearrange them any way you want… or at least I have found that to be true

I have found that DELETEING them is sometime a problem… and have been forced to set VISIBLE=false as a band-aid
so the Menu Editor is not perfect…

[quote=201342:@Emile Schwarz]You want to move two MenuItems from the File Menu into that Sub-MenuItem:
You cannot do that because:
a. you cannot select more than one MenuItem (from the same Menu, here the File menu),[/quote]
b. When you select a MenuItem (from the File Menu), the Sub-MenuItem that is your target closed.

You are right. The way to do that is to create new items in the submenu with the same name as the ones you wanted to move, then delete the ones that are not in the submenu.

You could file a feature request.

To be fair, one does not design a menu bar everyday. So, as long as it is possible to get to the desired result, I can live with the current editor. Even if I would like more intuitive an UI.

[quote=201351:@Emile Schwarz]Me too.

But what would you wrote (in one of your previous life) in a Xojo Review / Presentation article ?[/quote]

Exactly what I posted. Since one does not design a menu bar every day, it is kind of a minor sin, if impractical, since it can be worked around fairly easily.

From what I remember in VS or XCode, it is never quite easy anyway.

So you compare a free development environment (XCode) to a $1990 IDE ?

Why not ? Besides, VS Express is free too.