Modern notification options for xojo

I’d like to add toast notifications on a windows app, so I would appreciate hearing what is the best way to manage it on xojo. The notification options I’ve found require user intervention(press ok to remove it) and i don’t want to interrupt the user for a low importance notification such as this.

Anyone has any tips/code blocks to suggest for this scenario?

You can check the Windows Notification classes in MBS Xojo Plugins.
See WinUserNotificationCenterMBS and WinUserNotificationMBS classes.

If you need more, we may be able to enhance them.


Thanks but i have zero budget for licensing classes. I solved it in a rather brutish way(calling a shell and using a powershell script to execute the toast). Hopefully xojo will add native toast support in the next few years.

You could simply use a window to display the toast, and a timer on it to dismiss it.

I wanted to generate a notification that didn’t interrupt the user work, so a new window would be as annoying as a standard legacy notification class. The ghettorigged powershell code seems to work, albeit at a bit of compute expense(cpu will spike for a second)