ModalView from left side

Hi, I would like to know how to use the modelview as a left side menu. Can it swim in from the left side? Can i resize its width runtime? if not, can i set its size not to cover the whole parent view?
From apple developer page: Use the viewWillTransition(to:with:) method to make any size-related changes to your custom views.

Thank you for the reply, im currently using your dtmenu plugin, but i was told i need to implement an animated menu, and if possible it should be resizeable (menu width) runtime.
example: horizon go app leftside menu

The modalview is animated, but i can’t implement the declares to set up a custom view to it, that can accept the new transition style.

I created an animated sidemenu with ioskit panlisteners and constraints, resizeable during runtime.

Copied some of the controls into a new project for those who are looking for an alternative left side menu.
You can download it from here.
The maximum width of the menu is 200 and the menu autohides if the “sidemenuright” constraint is smaller than 100.

Hi Roland is this example still available?
having trouble downloading it if it is

Thanks. Been playing around with it for an hour or so trying to integrate it into my view.
Copied everything over seemingly ok but when I click the view I get an error in PanBegin

Dim c As iOSLayoutConstraint = self.Constraint(“sidebarright”)
c.Offset =app.CP

C appears to be Nil

link text

Here is the sliding menu example View1 works as per the original example, MasterView which I tried to add for a test doesn’t giving a Nil error. What am I missing?

The canvas has a constaint in the example that you missed I guess. The width or right constraint’s name is sidebarright.
On the right side, where you position the controls. Select the width or right, the first row is the name of the constraint.