MobileTableCustomCell: Copy to clipboard?

I have an iOSMobileTable, built from various MobileTableCustomCell.

Each custom cell has its Copy method which copies some text from a MobileLabel (or other controls) to the clipboard.

When a row is selected, I would like to invoke that Copy method, but I can’t figure out on how to get hands on the MobileTableCustomCell from the SelectionChanged event of the table.

Even better would be to show a copy menu, once the user is selecting a row in the table.

How can I do this? Any sample code, anyone? Thanks a lot in advance!

This code added to the table’s SelectionChanged event handler seems to work. When the user selects an entry, the code behind is copying the custom cell text to the clipboard:

Sub SelectionChanged(section As Integer, row As Integer) Handles SelectionChanged
  Var t As Introspection.TypeInfo
  t = Introspection.GetType(Me.RowCellData(section,row).Control)
  Select Case t.Name
  Case "NWSCustomCell"
  Case "NWSCustomCellEmail"
  Case "NWSCustomCellPhone"
  Case "NWSCustomCellWeb"
  End Select
End Sub

The copy method invokes this code (Thanks Jeremy!):

Public Sub CopyText(t As Text)
  Declare Function generalPasteboard Lib "UIKIt" Selector "generalPasteboard" (clsRef As ptr) As Ptr
  Declare Function NSClassFromString Lib "Foundation" (clsName As cfstringref) As Ptr
  Declare Function stringWithString Lib "Foundation" Selector "stringWithString:" (clsRef As Ptr, Str As CFStringRef) As Ptr
  'Declare Sub setValue Lib "UIKit" Selector "setValue:forPasteboardType:" (obj_id As Ptr, value As Ptr, pasteboardType As CFStringRef)
  Dim pasteboard As ptr = generalPasteboard(NSClassFromString("UIPasteboard"))
  Dim txt As Text = t
  Declare Sub setString Lib "UIKit" Selector "setString:" (obj_id As ptr, value As CFStringRef)
  setString(pasteboard, txt)
End Sub