MobileSharingPanel Crash

This is a strange one.
I have a project where I can share an image through a MobileSharingPanel on iPhone with the active screen being in a tab.

On iPad, where the active screen is on the details side of a split screen, it has a hard crash.

I can try to make a new project to demonstrate this, but wondered if anyone has experienced similar?

let me reply to myself.
I just created a simple project that demonstrates this. It’s a bug. I’m submitting a ticket.

Make sure you fill in the two optional parameters on iPad. The panel needs to know which screen and view it is over to be displayed correctly and in an iPad split screen, we can’t get that automatically.

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Thank you!

I had the same issue too. The app had a hard crash and I am not using split screens.
Thanks to this thread I found how to fix it.