MobileScreen has ParentSplitView property instead of ParentSplitScreen

According to the docs, iOSViews have a ParentSplitView property, and MobileScreens have a ParentSplitScreen property.

I’ve working on a new app using API2 and haven’t copied over any iOSViews from old apps.

The only iOSView in my app is the LaunchScreen, which I can’t change. All others are MobileScreens.

If I try to use ParentSplitScreen anywhere I get an error, but ParentSplitView works. When I look at a MobileScreen in the debugger, it has ParentSplitView and not ParentSplitScreen.

If I analyze the app with deprecations enabled, absolutely nothing is deprecated.

Anyone seen this odd behavior or have a clue as to what’s going on?