MobileCanvas paint not firing

Has anyone else experienced this on iOS?
I have a custom table cell with a canvas that draws an image so that it fits proportionally within the available size of the canvas. When the control opens it looks good, but if I rotate the device it doesn’t refresh until I navigate away from the current view and then back.
I put a break point in the paint event and I can’t get it to fire (that’s where the work is done).

Any suggestions?

What i do is call refresh with a timer that checks if the view size has changed (rotated or not)

I believe screen activated should also fire on rotate… out of my head

Do you use MobileCanvas or iOSCanvas?


I was thinking about using a timer too.
I’m using MobileCanvas.

The screen itself is fine, but for whatever reason I can’t seem to push the to the table cell.

You can use the event ‘OrientationChanged’ of the MobileScreen to force a refresh.

I am doing that. The problem is that the table cells don’t get the message. I try to reload the data but that doesn’t seem to effect it unless the cell is showing.

FYI the timer works well. Thanks.

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i think this has something to do with the layer on layer thing.

maybe. what’s strange is that the canvas does redraw.
Paint does not fire, the image just resizes to fit the canvas size (but it’s all stretched out), and it doesn’t recognize that the width and height have changed. I can’t quite wrap my head around this.

that is the autolayout working…:wink: