Mobile App WebPage Resize

I have a question on Xojo Web for supporting multiple mobile devices. I would like to have the ability to resize the WebPage, ContainerControls, and all the displayed controls to an appropriate view for Android and iOS.

The problem is that using multiple webpages to display for different devices become a big chore when I have a lot of webpages to show.

I looked into as a solution, but I got stuck on trying to get the ContainerControls to resize.

So I am wondering if anyone have any other solutions?


Sorry, I meant Not

As far as I know, there is no other solution.

But you can use floating layouts using css.

You can simply go into App.htmlheader and add smthng. like the:

.the-style-name-of-your-webview .the-style-of-a-containercontrol{
     display: block !important;
     float: left !important;

After this your layout is floating and you simply have to adjust the width of your controls.

Hi Lars,

Thank you for the suggestion. I don’t quite understand what float would do for the control. I tried your method and my Button that has the style still remains in the same position in a Mobile phone.

Wouldn’t I need to also adjust the Control.Left position in order to make my control appear on the mobile screen?

Yes, thats true, you should also set the left pos to left: auto !important;. This should help.