Missing Xojo Start Screen

One of the things I liked best about recent version of Xojo was the screen which appeared at launch of the IDE which allowed me to select a recent project or create a new one for various targets. After my recent upgrade to Yosemite, that screen no longer appears. Xojo has reverted to its previous behavior of opening the last project on which I was working, which is not always the one I want to open. I can’t find anywhere to open that starting window, nor a preference to have it appear at launch. Can anyone enlighten me as to what is going on?

Have not seen that. I do get the same dialog.

So using Xojo 2014r2.1 and Yosemite, you still see the IDE start screen?

click on New Project and the opening screen will show up

Honestly we’re not doing anything.
However Apple has altered OS X to change how apps open so they may reopen previously opened documents and that appears to any app like you dragged a document onto it.
How are you starting the IDE ?

Yes. No change at all.

But I am wondering : when you turn off your machine, do you close your project and quit Xojo, or do you let Yosemite do it ? What you describe looks like the “resume” feature, where if an app is open when you shut down, it reopens on the same document when OS X restarts. This has been a feature since ML, though…

Yes, Richard. That will get me the screen in question, but I still have to wait for the unwanted project to load first.
Norman, I’m well aware this is not a Xojo issue. I am opening Xojo by clicking it in the dock. This was so handy before. Apple has altered something to change this behavior from Mavericks to Yosemite, but I can’t find the Preference (if one exists) to change it back.

I don’t know if this will fix it, but it is something to try. You can disable saved application state for an application by going to Finder -> Go (press and hold Option) -> Library -> Saved Application State. From there, if a Xojo folder exists you can clear the contents of the folder then lock the folder to prevent the OS from saving the state when you quit. I have never liked the saved application state so I actually disabled it for all applications by locking the Saved Application State folder itself, so I am not sure if there is a Xojo folder or not.

Yes. Always

Yes. That’s what it’s doing. But Xojo was not doing that since the last few releases (not sure exactly when). I don’t know what settings have been changed.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jason, but no go. There is only a com.xojo.feedback.savedstate folder and locking it had no effect. I even tried closing all of my projects before quitting Xojo but that didn’t matter. It still opened the last closed one when restarting. so friggin’ annoying when I can’t control my own computer!!!

i don’t have that problem at all and i am using the latest beta with Yosemite.