Missing REALSetPropValueBoolean Definition

Not a big deal but there seems to be a few inconsistencies regarding Boolean in the SDK:

First, REALSetPropValueBoolean is declared in rb_plugin.h but not implemented in PluginMain.cpp

There is REALSetPropValueUInt8 which uses CallResolver(“REALSetPropValueBoolean”).

This leads to think a ‘Boolean’ is unsigned ( and in REALArrayType we have: kTypeUInt8 = 5, // 8-bit unsigned integer, or boolean )

But then we have:
typedef int8_t RBBoolean; (#if RB_HAS_STDINT)
typedef char RBBoolean; (#elif defined(_MSC_VER))
both signed types.

Again, not a big deal, but…

Hmm… I just red in the Reference:

So I guess I have to use
REALSetPropValueInt8 ( which uses CallResolver(“REALSetPropValueInt8”) )

Instead of
REALSetPropValueUInt8 ( which uses CallResolver(“REALSetPropValueBoolean”) ! )

But then Boolean array are unsigned ?

Using signed or unsigned wont make much difference anyway, but I was just wondering, for consistency.

You feel the adventure of a plugin developer?

RBBoolean is a Int8, so REALSetPropValueInt8 should do it.


Well, discovering a SDK is always intense and full of surprises :wink: