Missing RealBasic License

The purchasing system isn’t reloaded with my license keys for Real Basic Professional. There isn’t a way to manually enter it either for upgrade options.

Visit the website and download the license key file. Login to your account and click licenses on the bottom right.

I’m talking about being an old Real Basic Pro licensee. I go to the renewal button in the store. A table is displayed, but there are no licenses in the table it is blank. So either there is no valid renewal path or something. Anyhow not looking good or well prepared for launch day. I think I’ll go play with Xcode…

Yes, so am I. If you have a RealBasic Pro license you can download the equivalent license license for Xojo. Of cause if the license is expired then you can’t do it.

Fair enough, but the licenses don’t even show up. I recall seeing that licenses from 2005 or later would be valid. It doesn’t matter at this point since I’ve decided to give up and take a look again in a few weeks. It is 2013 and you’d think things would just work. Maybe I’m channeling you know who…

You don’t need to renew, if you have an active license. Just login to your account on Xojo website and click licenses. Download your active license and apply it to Xojo.

You can view old Real Studio licenses here: https://www.xojo.com/account/licenses/legacy.php

There is also a link at the bottom of the Xojo licenses screen.

If you are not seeing any licenses at all, then you should probably contact customer service: custserv@xojo.com