Missing option to renew specific targets

In the comments of the recent blog entry “Coming Soon - New Pricing (Recap)”, it was clarified that we would be able to renew specific deployment targets of a converted Enterprise license, but I can’t find the ability to do so on the new site. Will this option be available soon as quoted here:

[quote]rlitchfield said…
I currently have the Enterprise license, going forward I don’t need the DB or Console features. Does this mean I will be paying $350 for my renewal as I would let the other two expire?

Katherine said…
@ rlitchfield - Yes, it will be possible to renew only those licenses you would like to keep current. A 12-month renewal for both your Desktop license and your Web license will be $350.[/quote]

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That comment is no longer correct. When that was posted, Enterprise keys were separated into 4 separate licenses. Today, they are converted into a single Xojo Pro license.

However, e-mail customer service, I’m sure Katherine will be happy to help you out.