Missing Find option in navigator context menu

This is an issue discussed since early beta of Xojo and the corresponding Feedback case 24694 must be made accessible to everybody (it is still beta only).

As an example: When I want to check where I instantiated a class throughout my code, then this Find option in RealStudio was very handy. Now I have to open the Search Panel and manually type in the name of that class…

This is not a feature request but a regression which we need to have fixed ASAP.

If you share my opinion, please support Feedback case 24694

One of my most missed features.

same here… i miss the find… such a bother to go to the inspector, copy the name , go to the bottom , click on find and paste the word and and then press enter… where else using the RS way, just right click and poof… like magic, the result is given.

i also don’t see the use for Inspect ??? on the contextual menu. I always have my Inspector open on the left hand side. When i am in one window or method, click on the Inspect ??? do nothing since you are already in that form or method.