Missing development profile (Xojo 2018r3 / Xcode 10.1 / macOS 10.14.1 )

Hello Community,

I am preparing an iOS app for testing on my iPhone. I have

  • followed the instruction in the XOJO documentation for iOS certificates, Build settings, Add Hoc iOS device deployment, etc.
  • deleted the certificate and created it again in Xcode and Apple Developer Web page
    but still I get this error message when try to build my XOJO iOS app.

Did I miss something?

I have checked the forum. I saw many entries but the tips I tried did not solve my problem.

Is there a log file from XOJO where I can see details?

I wonder because when I create a dummy project in Xcode it compiles and uploads to my device. No complains. So Xcode itself seems to be fine. So why has XOJO build process this problem?



The exact message is “A development profile is required when building an iOS application”

There’s been a lot of threads on this topic, and the usual reason is using a generic provisioning profile like com.company.* instead of a specific one like com.company.myapp.

You mention an iOS development certificate but don’t mention an iOS development profile. Just checking that you created and downloaded a development profile after you created the development certificate. I ask because I forgot to do that very thing this morning.


thank you for the replies.

I am not using a generic provisioning profile.

I have paid the 99 USD/year fee and created the corresponding certificates and profiles according to the XOJO documentation.
I am using a wildcard App ID biz.cjse.*.

From my point of view certificate and profile are fine because I can create a dummy app in Xcode and upload it to my iPhone.

I will try a specific App ID.



Don’t use a wildcard App ID and it will make your life so much easier!

Hello Community,

thank you for all the replies.

I have checked the Xcode settings to make sure I am using 10.1 as I have installed several versions. This is fine.

I have tested several things

  • Cleared the XOJO cache: No success
  • Compile on local device (project files are on a NFS Server): No success
  • Create an explicit AppID: Success :slight_smile:

So I can proceed now with testing my App on my device before I upload it to the App Store.