Mismatch error

A method returns and array, I need only and specific item of the array

var result() as integer = MethodReturnsArray()

' value needed is returned in array(0), for exemple
var theValue as integer
theValue = result(0) ' that's ok

' How to get theValue without defining the new variable: result?
theValue = MethodReturnsArray() 'normal error
theValue = MethodReturnsArray()(0) 'error
theValue = (MethodReturnsArray())(0) 'error

or, I’m comfused and is not possible to get only a specific item of the returned array?

It may be better to not return an array at all then and return just the one you need?

Or you add a custom method that does what you neeed?

I don’t think you can directly use the function returned array.

Why not just use the MethodReturnsArray(0) item?

If it’s because the MethodReturnsArray is a Method and should not be called often or twice, maybe it’s in this case better to go with the theValue = result(0) solution? :slight_smile:

Sadly Xojo does not have a way

You could open a feature request asking Xojo to create a new method for Arrays
like: Item(index As Integer) As Variant

So you could write expressions as theValue = MethodReturnsArray.Item(0)

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I guess you could write a class that mimmics an array and provides somewhat that functionality.

Echoing Rick’s suggestion, you can use an extension method to achieve what you’re looking for:

Public Function Item(extends theArray() as integer, index as integer) As integer
  return theArray(index)
End Function

This will let you do the following in code:

dim myInteger as integer


Unfortunately, there’s no generic way to do this in Xojo such that it applies to all array; you’ll have to do this for each array type. But it’s better than nothing.

At the compiler level Xojo can do it in an agnostic and optimized way. That’s why a feature request is great. If the array is typed it solves the item for such type, any non obvious type could end as a Variant item.

E.g. A mixed Array(0, 1, “whatever”).Item(2) should return a Variant(“whatever”) string.

Thanks all, for my case, the easy way is still that I used.
I only wandered if there was a more compact syntax.

Good idea,

Good idea Eric, but i look for a more compact syntax, that is still more code.

There is a second approach which is a little less code on the front end, but doesn’t give you the kind of reusable functionality that the Extends approach does.

Set up a pair of methods like this:

Public Function MethodReturnsArray() As integer()
  return array(1,2,3)
End Function

Public Function MethodReturnsArray(index as integer) As integer
  dim theArray() as integer
  return theArray(index)
End Function

This will let you do the following:

dim myIntegers() as integer

myIntegers = MethodReturnsArray

dim aSingleInteger as integer

aSingleInteger = MethodReturnsArray(2)

That’s as simple as it’s going to get in Xojo.