[Mint 18.1] HelpTag ?

I just moved an application to Linux Mint 18.1 (64Bits *) for testings (only) **.

Beside some TALLER text drawn on the “nag” information screen, I saw that HelpTag only displays an empty rect, not the text supposed to be inside (vs macOS / Windows).

BTW: I nearly forgot that these HelpTag are for ToolBar buttons.

I saw nothing about that in the release notes (since 2015r2 'till today).

I compiled the application with Xojo 2015r1.

This is different than the Feedback 47604 - HelpTag not shown.

What is your experience ?

Is ToolTip working ?
(I will check when I will get time to do it later this week and report if success).


  • openSUSE Leap 42.2 64Bits (the last version) display my 32Bits application with an icon that have a black triangle in it and refuse to run it. I certainly have to install some 32Bits libraries.
    Linux Mint 18.1 (64Bits too) show an exclamation character inside the application icon, but allows me to run it. No crash, freeze, nor… It works.

** I moved another project to Linux that leads me to see some… coding strange things (that works fine) and other oddities, I decided to check with that project to produce a better application.