Minimum running macOS for Xojo (2019-2020)

I wanted to get an eye on Xojo 20r1.

I totally forgot “the important macOS additions” done in Xojo 19r3.2.

So, I download the dmg (2H30 approx.), slept for 5 hours (holy nap !).

When I awoke, the download was finished and I wanted to look at it.

An unexpected error occured.

A strange idea comes from the dreams of the awoke time (!): what if El Capitan is now too old ?

I looked at for both Xojo 19r3.2 and Xojo 20r1: nothing.

Then I go to:

And searched (in the WmL entries) to find the minimum OS version:
macOS Sierra 10.12.x
(also in the reverse order).

It may be a goo idea to put that information (for newbies) in the Release Notes’ top.

BTW: minimum requirements for all platforms with a link to the whole minimums page.

Now, do what you want.

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Well, long story short, for those who don’t read “System Requirements”, for Macs, it does not support 10.11 and below. It means El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion…

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You didn’t mention Rhapsody… Will it work there :slight_smile:

not much really did :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol… I was working for Apple during that period. Access to it was above my pay grade. I was once granted 30 mins to sit in front of a PowerMac G4 and play with Rhapsody, I was so excited, but there wasn’t really much that I was able to do, because I didn’t understand what it was at the time.

Wow, someone in this world has a slower connection than mine?
Not possible; you’ve seen it wrong. It was certainly 2 minutes and 30 seconds…! :wink:

I’m also ashamed by this change, as 10.11 was the last available OS for a variety of models (I own 4 of them; one of which can’t go beyond 10.11 even unofficially…).

Blame Apple for so many differences between OS versions which make compiling for all of them way too much difficult.
I’m now wondering whether “official” programming (i.e. with XCode) is any better in this area. Can one build apps for 10.11 and 10.16 with a single XCode project?

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I don’t know where Emile (and If Emile is a guy or girl :smiley: ) lives, but… In Brazil, as you know, a huge country, while It takes few seconds here, as in any large city, where a 300Mbps link costs USD$20 and we have options up and down, there are few places in inland cities where people suffers to watch Netflix decently with a 5Mbps costing $5 and no better options.

In French, Emile (which can be spelled “Émile”) is always a boy name.

They can watch Netflix, still better than here :wink:

Yes and No.
It boils down to what API you use, what SDK your specify and what kind of backwards compatibility you expect. You can have something built against, say the 10.9 SDK using older API, which works on 10.14, change the SDK to a newer version and poof, it now doesn’t work, even if that API still exists in 10.14.

Some of the more proficient programmers I know who use Apple’s tools, have adopted only supporting the current OS version and one below, because of the headaches involved in trying to support many OS versions.


Well… Schwarz is not a very French name, so who knows. Still don’t know where E.Schwarz lives, but all I know is that Emile is not well served there for the internet speed matters. Portuguese is easier for person’s genders matters as it is included in most names, like Emilio (male), Emilia (female); the “e” terminated names are also “female” (99.9%, I can’t remember a male name, but there is no rule forbidding one), like Cristiane, Luciane, Clarice, Michele… but… for non native speakers, they got crazy, because objects also have genders, like “porta” that means “door” and is “female”, but “portão” (gate) is male.

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Thanks for your answer. I now understand better the relation between what Xojo and Apple do.

This reminds me of the fact that Apple, since at least 10 years ago (perhaps since OS X?) themselves support only the current and previous OS as well (and they used to advertise this).

Wouldn’t be good if Xojo allowed us to choose our SDK so that we can target 10.11 or 10.14 (or 10.4…) based on our needs, with the current IDE? I guess it’s a compiler problem, but since I’ve never built or directly used one, I don’t know.

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He lives in France, “near” Germany. Many villages there have half-french-half-german names. Perhaps looking at his profile you can see his location. (Strasbourg).
“Schwarz” is a german name (and usual word, also: it means “black”).
I’m actually living very close to him, albeit in french Switzerland.

In “Émile”, the final “E” isn’t pronounced. The female equivalent is most of the time “Émilie” (again, the final “E” is muted).

Like in Portuguese, an additional “E” is often the sign of a female name (possibly “a” as well), but, per your reply above, I guess it’s more “absolute” in Portuguese.

We also have genders to objects in french, this doesn’t surprise me it’s the same in Portuguese at all (like latin languages). German has this also, with the neutral addition (and I’ve heard Finnish is the most complex in Europe, with 17 available genders…). English is the only language I know where objects have no “apparent” gender.

Curious. Several posts, including mine, were flagged by the “community” and have been restored. How can we figure out what happened?

Thinking about later, these postings were probably not theme relevant. Maybe a good idea to stay at forum theme, which is programming with Xojo.

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