Minimum OSX for RS2012R2

I built a Cocoa app with RS2012 r2 , as I havent ‘committed’ to Xojo as the full time compiler yet.
Some people cant run it. I have searched for but failed to find the minimum system requirements for compiled apps using 2012R2
In XOJO its 10.6, and my customers are on 10.5
Whats the official limit on RS2012R2?

10.6 for Cocoa apps

Ta Norman.

But again, thats a link to Xojo requirements. Can’t find a similar page for RS2012R2 any more.
I’m not sure I want to restrict to 10.6 just yet.
Ive had 3 complaints within 4 weeks: thats a pretty high hit rate.

You said you built a Cocoa app - Cocoa apps require 10.6 even when produced from 2012r2.

I think thats the issue.
I took the plunge and did Cocoa.

To be honest, all that seemed to achieve was to cause me a lot of rework in layout , with no obvious benefit so far.
I could do a Carbon build too, I guess.

It will benefit your clients as they move up to 10.6 and newer.

FOr 10.5 sure
On 10.6 and up, esp if you use Xojo 2013r2, will gain you a lot better Cocoa experience and it has the same requirements as 2012r2

Turns out the Cocoa build from RB2012 crashes unpredictably and untrappably (is that a word?) for some of my users. Cant create it, but a Carbon build of the same code seems stable.

PERHAPS Xojo’s 2013 editions are more stable with Cocoa: (I bought it, but I’m struggling to use it. Different topic)
But right now, I cant see much (any) benefit to me or the customers from a Cocoa build, until presumably the day Apple pull the plug on Carbon.

So: back to my original question (isn):

If I go back and build a Carbon app in RB2012R2, will it work in (say) OSX 10.4, or is there a 10.6 ‘block’ on Carbon too?
(The Xojo website no longer lists this stuff for older versions., or if it does, I cant see it)

It has more to do with our minimum targets. I believe you’ll find (for instance) that 2011r3 was the last IDE to support PowerPC and 2011r4.3 was the last IDE to build for 10.4.x.

For more info see