Minimum MacOS

Is it possible to build an App using Xojo 2022R4.1 (latest release) that will run on High Sierra 10.13.6?

If not how far back would I have to go in Xojo Versions?

IIRC at some point recently Xojo switched to using a 10.14 only API which was causing Xojo to crash on 10.13.6. I’m sorry I don’t recall exactly what it was or which version it was in.

I personally still use 2021r2.1 (Before the stupid DesktopControls malarky) and last time I checked my apps would work on 10.13.6.

Thanks Sam that helps

I recall it was the Xojo searchfield, IIRC I solved it by using my own searchfield instead of the broken Xojo one.

Have you tried to put “10.13” in the “Minimum version” field in the build settings? Normally, this should work.

Yes, I put 10.13.0 but it didn’t work

Have a look at the info.plist of your build app - what does “LSMinimumSystemVersion” say? If you use any post-build processor (like AppWrapper), it may change the Xojo settings…

from xojo 2022r41, I even put a 10.12.6 in the build info settings, and the app works under a 10.12 macos.

Specify 10.13.6 as minimum OS. I’ve tried that with 2022r4.1, seems to work when I test under HS.

That’s great news, sounds like it should work then. Do you or Tim use App Wrapper?
Also are you doing a Universal build?

Yes and no.

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x86 64bit

There is even a method for an IDE script to set the min macOS version.

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I don’t use appwrapper as I don’t sell on app store, and I do universal builds.

This is highly dependent on what things you use in the Xojo framework. If Xojo used something that is only available in 10.14+ and your app calls that code on anything below that, your app will most likely crash.

No one ever told us why the minimum jumped from 10.10 to 10.14, so people like me have no idea what framework function would require 10.14. We were just told “if your app can support less, you can enter less”.

Care to shed any light on what requires 10.14?


If I still worked at Xojo I could probably tell you. Otherwise you’ll need to look at Apple’s docs to track that down.

If I may, I’d like to address a couple of comments made about App Wrapper here.

I am sorry that App Wrapper is misbehaving for you, I’ve tried to reproduce this problem, but I could only get App Wrapper to set the minimum OS version of the application when I specified it within the App Wrapper interface.

Could you be so kind as to wrap your application again and then select “Contact Ohanaware” from the “help” menu, please choose to include the log and app wrapper data so I can see what’s going on.

I am sorry that the App Wrapper information isn’t clear on this; App Wrapper is designed to prepare apps for shipping regardless if it’s your own site or the App Store. App Wrapper contains features that are only for apps shipped outside the App Store. If anyone is interested in more information, please visit App Wrapper 4


App Wrapper is my saviour Sam :slight_smile: I’d be lost without it.


In my own experience it won’t work in remote-debugging but will in a built app. I use AppWrapper and also have it set accordingly.

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