Minimum code to download a file ?

In the docs, HTTPSocket, the following example (different URL) seems to works.

I need to add a simple (as simple as possible) download feature in a project (no link to a page where you have to type a captcha, etc). Can I use that as a base for it ?

Dim http As New HTTPSocket MsgBox(http.Get("", 30))

The other change to made is to save the file instead of the use of the MsgBox function.

You can give the Get method a folderitem.

Dim http As New HTTPSocket
Dim f as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("")
http.Get("", f)

Thanks Albin. I can use just that code for the download.

I do not want tow rite a download manager, just a simple “on the fly” method to achive that (download a file I forgot to get with the browser and will get from the project… as a facility brought by the application.)