Mini Dose Recorder, free version, available

I got tired of forgetting when I’d last taken my meds, so I made this Windows app.

Here is the initial release for free, the newer version is $5.


Update: I am now on seven meds while still sick with COVID … I will be updating it to port it to an online version plus add support for more than three meds + dosage calcs / whole-bottle tracking so all pills can be accounted for.

I tried a sheet of paper: I must be refractory, it didn’t work (I kept forgetting to take the meds / check the sheet of paper) :frowning:

LOL, I’d think you were simply “normal.” It’s difficult to track more than a few medicines and keep on track with dosage schedules.

Knowing how smartphone user do (always at hand), you may envision a mobile version.

Also, it tooks me months to remember the name of each pill (at hospital, white people always ask)… I even now do not know the name of one of them (hols oxygen (EPO in short). go figure.

So, maybe “canvas” to hold, then display the image of each box be a plus ?

I have 10 differents to “eat”: yes, I am an oldster (and I do not count what I had to put in my eye after cataract surgery).

The doctor prescribes a drug (abc), the pharmacist gives a generic drug with another name (cba) … This does not helps people (like me) with failing memory.


PS: pharmacist wrote 0 1 0 under box to say took it at noon (or 1 0 0: only at breakfast)… Far better way than noting Morning… IMHO.

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