Migration of Xojo Scripts

I’m having an issue migrating our Xojo install from one Linux server to another. We are going from Ubuntu 12.04 to Centos 6.8. The main reason for this switch is to gain access to run CPanel. Everything works fine, with the exception of the Xojo CGI scripts.

Cgi is enabled, and when accessing the script it runs just fine. However, the compiled application never launches correctly. As such, when the CGI script attempts to access information from the port the app runs on it fails. I tried to launch the application from the command line as a regular user (that owns all the CGI scripts and applications). It runs, returns no errors or even output and does not launch a daemonized application on a port. However, if I launch the application as root, it will do these things. In fact, once launched as root everything works as expected.

The scripts work just fine on the original server as a non-privileged user. What am I doing wrong here?

Greg, I attached you, since Rich (who I 'm working with) suggested you might have some insight.

@Richard Albrecht @Greg O’Lone