Migrating From Filemaker-Help!!

I am trying to migrate from FileMaker to Xojo and having a hard time finding a comprehensive list of the functions that can be used in Xojo programing. I like Xojo. It seems very powerful. However, it is very hard to use it intuitively without knowing the functions that are available. Anybody has any advice that can help me to go around this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Open the language reference from within the IDE. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for there.

There is a manual that is included in the download of Xojo that will get you quite familiar with how to use the software.
Inside your Xojo folder, you’ll see a folder called Documentation.
Open that, and inside it you’ll see Xojo Documentation.pdf

My personal recommendation is to read that cover to cover.

Once you’re up to speed on the basics of using Xojo, when you have basic function questions there is a language reference inside Xojo from the Help menu, or online at http://developer.xojo.com

And if while reading through all of the documentation you have specific issues or questions, come here to ask and somone might have an answer from experiences they’ve had.

I wouldn’t jump into your conversion right away. Spend some time playing around with the technologies you’re going to work with. Do some very simple example projects to learn the concepts. Use the online documentation and ask targeted questions for the forums.

If you feel like you need additional training, we offer over 62 hours of video training to subscribers at http://xojo.bkeeney.com/XojoTraining/. Most of the 200+ videos come with source code you can use in your own projects. We cover desktop, web, and even some iOS training. We also have 3 complete start to finish projects that might help you out too.

Have-you read the document named Migrating from FileMaker ?


There are also two other docs: Migrating from Microsoft Access.pdf and Migrating from Visual FoxPro.pdf.

Search for them in the web page (Migrating from FileMaker).

Thank you ALL for the advice. I will follow that.