not Xojo related (hence off-topic)… but was wondering how many here ever played MidiMaze on the Atari ST computer back in the day… And how many might be interested in an iPad oriented version? I had a blast carting my computer over to a friends house, where we’d link up 8 to 10 machines, cables all over the place, and we’d battle for hours. This iPad version works using a Multipeer network communicating via WiFi or Bluetooth, so no cables, not to mention the computer and monitor. Its very much a work in progress, and there is a long long way to go… but I have all the Network stuff working (again not in Xojo), and the beginnings of the 3D rendering using Scenekit

I did, many a weekend moving atari’s around fiends houses. I wouldn’t be interested in a remake though, for me, it just wouldn’t be the same.

Oooh. I loved this. This and Bus’d Out (the first First-person game I ever planed on a LAN) are in my personal history the predecessors of Wolfenstein, Marathon and then all other FPSs :smiley:

And I still remember the cover art vididly.