MIDI - Sending messages to Controller

Hello again,

I checked MBS audio example - Windows MIDI. It was really helpful for my project… I created mapping for X TOUCH MINI controller and I’m able to send messages without any problems ( value, LED on/off ). After that, I started working with KORG nanoKontrol 2. For now, I can only read data. Does anyone know, is it possible for nanoKontrol 2 to accept data, I just want to turn Leds on/off?

Thank you

Great you got something working. But on your problem: I have no clue.

Here’s the manual with the MIDI implementation information for your controller:

Thank you Tim, I already saw that manual, but I don’t understand it fully. I have no idea how to send command to nanoKontrol2 . With X Touch Mini, I’m using WindowsMidiOutputMBS.SendMessage ( status as Integer, data1 as Integer, data2 as Integer ) , but I cannot find correct parameters for nanoKontrol2.
Can you give me any example from that manual for any button, how to change state?
As far as I found, ‘status’ is state number ( X Touch Mini: 154 - pressed, 138 - released, 186 - changed Value ), ‘data1’ is button/regler index and ‘data2’ is value.