Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Interesting move by Microsoft…

Yet another business for MS to mess up
Personally never found linkedin that useful

LinkedIn will continue to be independent, according to Microsoft, but they also want to integrate their services in LinkedIn.
To me that is a contradiction.

I think a lot of people will turn away from LinkedIn.
Maybe it’s time for me to move away from LinkedIn too.

being unemployed :frowning: for that last few months, I have been using LinkedIn with near zero success.

The biggest problem is, there are two kinds of people for the most part that are members

  • Those with a job… and since they have a job they are not as interested in needing to use LinkedIn
  • Those looking for a job, and hoping to connect with present and past collegues etc. But it those connections are in the first category, they are not participating as much there fore of little help, and if they are in this second category they are looking out for themselves…

I decided never to use linked in the first time I got an email from someone I knew suggesting I sign up with them. When I asked that person about it they didn’t know anything about the email. So linked in was using their name and contact list without their permission to solicit membership.

That was years ago, and I’ve gotten probably 30-40 of those emails since then and never has one person actually sent the email, or given them my name.

So basically I figure they’re maybe one step above spammers. Ethics roughly the same, but a bit smarter about how to make money using spammer tactics. And obviously who is the perfect company to buy such an organization?

Here’s a quote from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, in an article on CNBC:

Wow, that sounds wonderful!

Seriously though, $26.2 billion? Maybe, just maybe, this will be the boneheaded move that finally puts an end to Microsoft.

I’ve also read that the acquisition will help Microsoft compete with SalesForce. I just don’t see it…

Maybe there’s an opportunity to build something for people like myself who aren’t particularly fond of social networking in general. It could be called “TunedOut.”

Oh yeah that sounds a lot like “they’ll still operate independently” :stuck_out_tongue:
Everything I’ve read about this suggests it will be connected to Office 365 & Dynamics to compete in the CRM space

Edit : WOW ! they paid 10x 2015 revenue for this … wow just wow

The value of the acquisition is in synergy with CRM products and in publicity revenues. On the CRM front: imagine that Microsoft CRM can tap into the linkedIn data. You have a prospect. Now, you have a prospect that you can easily link with your existing network. Think about the possibilities: influence, qualification of opportunities, etc. Microsoft’s CRM products all of a sudden become that much more powerful and that much more valuable to corporate clients.

Perhaps the deal is not such of a bonehead move after all. But we are speculating. Future events will tell us who speculated best.

I have found LinkedIn to be the most effective social network for reaching the B-to-B audience, Twitter is the 2nd. We use it all the time for prospecting and for engaging with customers. But, I have to say, I hope that Microsoft does not screw it up.

Someone once wrote after a security breach, “I hear hackers know my LinkedIn password? Well, that makes one of us then…”