Microsoft Outlook "mailbox doesn't understand the save message"

Got a weird issue with one of my AppleScripts. I’m using AppleScript to get data out of Outlook. One customer gets the error message “error: -1708, Microsoft Outlook got an error: mail folder id 115 doesn’t understand the ‘save’ message” when executing the script. The script has been used successfully for years. Google hasn’t really helped.

with timeout of 10000 seconds set rand1 to (round (random number from 100 to 999)) as string set rand2 to (round (random number from 100 to 999)) as string set rand3 to (round (random number from 100 to 999)) as string set rand4 to (round (random number from 100 to 999)) as string set randomString to rand1 & "-" & rand2 & "-" & rand3 & "-" & rand4 tell application "Microsoft" set theFolder to mail folder "Inbox" of exchange account "xyz" set storageFolder to path to temporary items as string set storageFolder to storageFolder & "Outlook Export " & randomString try save theFolder in storageFolder on error errMsg number errNr return "error: " & errNr & ", " & errMsg as string end try return storageFolder end tell end timeout

We tried several different mailboxes. Also, we tried a different location instead of the temporary folder. Before calculating the mailbox path another script gets all mailboxes and accounts. Therefore I’m sure that the account exists.

It’s also not the problem with the VM running Outlook. In this case ALL scripts fail.

All my scripts are generated dynamically with NSAppleScriptMBS. Xojo 2014r3, Mac OS 10.10.x, Outlook 2011.

I had issues with with office 2011 after switching the system language.
Also some of my scripts failed after an upgrade from 2008 to 2011.

But I guess, you have double checked the target version and language?

@Oliver: I spent some time with the customer via Skype. The computer was english. In 2008 Outlook was Entourage.