Microsoft Event 2019

The Microsoft Event is going to be on the 2nd of October at 10:00 am, Eastern time.

The announcement says they will show what’s next for Surface and Microsoft.

Many rumours abound: Possibly a new Surface Book III? Maybe Surface Pro 7? Maybe Windows 10 on ARM?

The dual screen 2-in-1 Centaurus (code name) would be interesting :slight_smile:

Stay tuned, or tune in!!!

It’s on the 10th of February?

More rumours have the surface pen with wireless charging:

Microsoft’s next Surface Pen looks like it’ll have wireless charging

Here are more rumours with Microsoft’s Surface hardware event

A Microsoft speaker?

Laptop 3, 15" would be interesting.

[quote=456147:@Eugene Dakin]
A Microsoft speaker?[/quote]

you see the phones on it? Looks like a Skype Microsoft Teams Conferencing Gadget… nobody really needs…

Canada Date :wink:

This is a woman or a man (in France) :wink: !

And the artwork ? Did they make the conference at Apple ? :wink:

Windows 10 10 has been announced!

Integration of the pens with Microsoft office products was great! Writing, editing, updating on the fly with the excel demo was fast and smooth.

There were so many options on the Microsoft speakers, and all of the functions. I can’t wait to get into programming these.

[quote=456237:@Eugene Dakin]
There were so many options on the Microsoft speakers, and all of the functions. I can’t wait to get into programming these.[/quote]
I’m sure there’s a lot of hackers thinking the same thing :slight_smile:

The only thing I liked.

finally after 10 years… Microsoft managed to bring the duo…

the only problem with Microsoft I have is Windows…

The only thing I like in Windows is its top Desktop Market Share, 87,36%. The second one, MacOS, have 9,91%

But… They lose the position if you include mobile OS’s:

What website are you using for those graphs?

is there a list of platforms where the users are willing to buy software and not rip it off, meaning which platform has any real use to a developer who needs to feed their family.
I wonder what the share for platforms is in that respect, which to me is more important, 39.57% of people who think free software is great is of no interest to me, looking at the percentages suggest to me that 39.57%+37.75%=almost no income, 16.54%+4.28%=mortgage, kids in school, bills paid and a holiday plus a pension.
market share seemingly has no correlation to a share of the market.

I am sure everyone has their own experience.

The website is at

Link to graph:

Yes, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 does look nice. The Surface Book 2 graphics could handle augmented reality, and wasn’t great at Virtual Reality. Once I see more of the specifications, then I’ll be able to see if it can perform well with an HTC Vive.

I was curious to see if the site could break it down or filter by country, because in the past I’ve been led to believe that iOS has a much higher market penetration in the USA than on a global scale. And the website looks like it can – provided you have an account and registered a payment method.

I’m not that curious.