Microcenter is a GOLD MINE for iMacs

I’ve decided to follow the recommendation of fellow devs and took a trip to Microcenter and hit paydirt - Mac mini 2014 edition with Mac OS Big Sur installed for less than $300. IN STOCK.

You will now see me asking Mac and iPhone app questions while waiting for Android support to finally be implemented.

If you all want CHEAP Mac minis - check out Microcenter. Get 'em while they last.


Cool. Do yourself a favor and get an external USB3 SSD drive and boot off of that. This one thing extended the life of my old Mac mini for 3-4 more years of useful life.

if it already has a ssd drive, then no need for that
and if it is an internal mechanical drive, it’s ezsy to replace it with a sata ssd drive of the needed capacity.

I have the 2014 Mac Mini and replaced the hard drive with an SSD - the 2014 is not as straight forward as earlier Mac Mini model but it’s certainly doable. I followed this guide:


Sure, it’s doable, but I took the easy way out with an external drive and got great performance. I’m still using that drive on my new M1 mini for a daily CCC data backup.

I’ve had good luck buying used MacBook Airs from ebay - the 2015 or later models can run Monterey, and can be had for $300-$400. I prefer them vs. a desktop because they are self-contained and fairly low performance (which is actually a good thing when doing software testing), and the 11" model is small enough to squeeze into my otherwise crowded desk.

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Glad that’s worked for you, but I would be worried about degraded batteries. For testing, where you keep it plugged in, I guess that’s not a big deal. My 12" MacBook is pretty much a piece of crap with a degraded battery and a keyboard with auto-repeating keys.

macbook air (prior to 2019) are the last completely repairable mac ever.
12" macbook is the first almost non repairable mac (and it had a lot of bad conception issues…)

Good deal, I also use an OLD 2012 MacBook Pro as a compile server for Mac and iOS apps coding only on windows (Obviously not in xojo as they decided not to offer this feature)

Over the years I had replaced the mechanical disk for a SSD and Doubled the RAM, installed Big Sur (even when Apple says the model is not supported) and works well for what I need.

But appe did a great job convincing a lot of people that they allways need the latest model :man_shrugging:t2:

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