Mic Volume

Hello, I want to make an application which get the Mic volume level and display it on a ProgressBar. I don’t know how to go it so I did some research on the forum but all the example projects were unavailable. I hope somebody could help me. Sorry for my english, is not my natal language. Thanks in advance.


You mean what is in the Windows’ Dock (Windows 10) ?

No, I mean this

(that image is not mine )

I want to make an application that when you speak on the mic shows on a progress bar the level of input. But I don’t know how to do it, and there are some posts on this forum with the same as I ask but all the examples projects are unavailable.

Mike volume not Loudspeaker volume !!!

I certainly was tired, two hours ago … SORRY.

Mac? Win? Linux? iOS?

e.g. the AVAudioPlayerMBS has metering which can be enabled.

macOS, but there’s no way to do it without a plugin? I have seen some posts on this forum about something like this but the problem is that all the example projects are unavailable.

I’m lazy, so can you post the links to the existing threads? If they’re using declares, it might be doable without a plugin, but a plugin might be the easiest, and best supported, route…

If you download the latest release of https://github.com/UBogun/Xojo-AppleLib (not the current branch; there are problems with shared code I could not resolve yet), you will find a demo window in the macOS project that does audio metering without plugins.

Thank you so much!